Reini Stark, Volker Hanisch, Franziskus Kriegs-Au

SALON HUeGLER KEY VISUAL – Jul Hügler Goldankauf in Linz, Salzburg, Wien & Baden

Franziskus Kriegs-Au

Maximilian Hecke,
Franziskus Kriegs-Au

Reini Stark

Volker Hanisch


High carats for the ears

In addition to their main business, goldsmith Reini Stark, signatory Volker Hanisch and Hügler owner and general manager Franziskus Kriegs-Au are now devoting their new podcast to all those topics that give pleasure. “We are confronted with the same questions from our customers every day and would like to clear up myths and false assessments in an entertaining way in our format,” says Kriegs-Au. Whether vintage time pieces, old jewelry, gold or classic cars – the podcast “Salon Hügler,” hosted by Radio SUPERFLY, is a relentlessly honest guide for cosmopolitan city dwellers in the labyrinth of new and old values.

#01 | Vintage Schmuck

#02 | Gold

#03 | Evelyn Weigert zu Besuch

#04 | Vintage Uhren

#05 | Austern, Cola und edle Schlitten mit Frederick Lau

#06 | Männerschmuck