services – Jul Hügler Goldankauf in Linz, Salzburg, Wien & Baden


An experience of special quality awaits the interested visitor at the workshop of JUL.HÜGLER. In beautifully restored vaults from the year 1791, something extraordinary unfolds: tradition illuminated by modern gusto. The jewelry manufacturer opens his gates and grants insight into the fascinating world of traditional craftsmanship.

He who transforms precious materials like gold, platinum and diamonds into delightful jewelry needs not only skilled craftsmanship and a fine artistic sense, but alos two very important ingredients: dignified tranquility and all the equipment necessary close at hand. Elaborately, delicately and with the highest accuracy, gold- and silversmith Reinhard Wilhelm Stark transforms, before—and upon request also with—interested guests, precious metal and flawless diamonds into pieces of individual and eternal beauty.

A unique specialty of JUL.HÜGLER is its wedding ring workshop, an exceptional opportunity for all interested parties to participate with Mr. Stark in the design and creation of one-of-a-kind engagement or wedding rings, from the selection of the materials to their finalization with personalized engravings.

Thus, the former Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court presents the 5th generation of the creation of art and of the continuation of tradition— as “Jewelry in Progress“—to a young and interested audience.